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MediaBuys Sponsorship Project Representation

MediaBuys offers consulting and marketing sponsorship services (on a retainer/percentage basis) for events, high-profile individuals and teams. Our national media buying club allows us to work with thousands of advertisers on a daily basis. Many of these people are the same decision makers when it comes to sponsorships.

We also work with some of the largest ad agencies in the United States and have relationships with hospitality, merchandising and research companies who can create special programs to make your event more enticing to a potential sponsor.

Here's some of the many services offered through representation by MediaBuys:

Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Sales

  • Sponsorship advertising sales
  • Investigation, assessment, negotiation, and activation of properties
  • Sponsorship representation of events, media properties and individuals
  • Sales strategy development and consultation
  • Representation and negotiation at the local, regional and national advertising level

    Consulting Services

  • Analysis for corporate and brand marketing
  • Strategic and economic evaluation of opportunities
  • Planning and support of sales promotion initiatives
  • Branding and positioning strategy and implementation

    Media Buying and Selling

  • Media Buying (at discounted rates) for event promotion
  • Media Selling of ad space surrounding event broadcasts
  • Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Out-of-Home, Cinema and Interactive
  • Rights Negotiations
  • Programming
  • Network buying/planning

    To get an estimate, please contact us at 818-755-5020 or email us at sponsorships AT