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Third Party Sponsorship Project Valuation

Corporations and foundations receive numerous offers daily to sponsor properties from many categories including sports, arts and entertainment. But with so many choices it's hard for them to identify an opportunity which will be a good fit for their brand and give them the most appropriate exposure for the money.

Sponsors want value without overpaying. Properties want to offer value without leaving money on the table. As a result, many properties and sponsors are worlds apart on how to value sponsorship and require a credible and objective resource to bring them back together.

We recommend IEG Valuation Service at

IEG Valuation Service, the industry's leading authority on sponsorship valuation, was launched in 1998 as a division of IEG, Inc. IEG's street-tested methodology, endorsed by more than 200 sponsors, has been applied to more than 600 sponsorship opportunities, including sports properties, promotions, festivals, causes, professional associations and consumer shows.

Click here to discuss a valuation for your property with IEG.